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Dennis was my good friend, he was also my Boss and Mentor. I loved this man.  I traveled around the world with him. He tried to bring comfort to those in pain and to speak up for those without voice.  I saw him help thousands of people with his fortune and with his influence.  Dennis loved to do this.  He never wanted the accolades. He never wanted the credit.  He was embarrassed by the attention.  Dennis would gladly help with any task that needed doing.  The man was a big shot to others but was as humble and kind as any man could be.  He loved his family. He and Megan partnered in this philanthropy.  Without them there would be people left uneducated, people unborn, people without basic health care. Now because of their efforts the world is changed and changed for the better.  The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do absolutely nothing for him. That was this man Dennis Doyle a good and faithful servant. 

Mike Muelken

I will be eternally grateful to Dennis for being my mentor, partner and friend. I first met Dennis 34 years ago on my first day at Welsh when I was given the assignment to manage his personal real estate portfolio. My life was forever changed. His drive and enthusiasm was contagious. Dennis was authentic, fearless and compassionate in the way he lived his life, conducted business and served those in need. And, Dennis was just fun to be around.
Megan, knowing Dennis as I did, I know his faith and his family were his foundation. The two of you were a powerful team in serving those in need.

Dennis J. Doyle, a life well lived.

Below is a photo from the ground breaking at Baker Road.

Jean Kane

Hello Megan
My heart is heavy for your family this morning and I wanted to send some love to you, Nathan and Devin. Many of my best childhood memories happened at your house. In adulthood, Dennis was abundantly kind to me, far kinder than he ever needed to be and I will always remember that about him. Simply interacting with him taught me a lot about how to interact in business and I admire that about his character. He is and will continue to be missed.

Alex Rykken

Dennis was one of the first friends I made when we both showed up as freshmen at the University of Montana. We had many memorable times together, among them an epic road trip to the Grand Canyon. The best thing I can say about Dennis was that he was always a good friend. Whether just throwing a frisbee or talking about your latest college angst, Dennis was always positive and supportive. There are few people that can unequivocally say they left the world a better place. Dennis did.

Chris McGinnis

I was lucky to be a childhood friend of Dennis. Later we were on our high school football and wrestling teams together,

After Graduating we both went west to Missoula to play football for the Montana Grizzly football team.

Looking at Dennis later in his life you would never know just how tough Dennis was. When we would scrimmage I would always look to see if Dennis was in at Linebacker and I would try to avoid him.

In the early ’70s, there was an up-and-coming boxer from Ronan Mt, by the name of Marvin Camel that was looking for volunteers to spar with him.

Dennis went down, signed up, and proceeded to knock him out.

Later in his career, Marvin was the first person recognized as cruiserweight boxing champion of the world by two different professional sanctioning bodies.

I’m so happy Dennis called and came out to visit some years ago. We attended a home Griz game with sideline passes and we had a great time.

It was sad news to hear later that he was starting to have health issues.

I have lots of stories about Dennis and most will make me smile telling them.

It’s so impressive what he and Megan have accomplished in business and with their charities. A life well-lived. Happy I was an observer.

Jim Olson

Megan and family, once again I want to express how sorry I am on the loss of Dennis. He was a good friend and partner over the years. I first met Dennis in 1979 or 1980 when I was with Northland Mortgage Company and began doing financing for George and Dennis. This led to my joining Welsh companies in 1985 and becoming a partner in !986. We remained partners in the operating companies until 1994 and remained partners in buildings until 2018 or so. Dennis was a builder. Not just of buildings but also of a thriving business in both Welsh Companies and Welsh Construction. His “can do” attitude and perseverance were contagious around the office and helped make Welsh such a successful company. He was able to attract such great employees and great people. He had a large heart and continued to help others throughout his life. I have many fond memories of enjoyable fishing trips, poker games, ski trips, and golf outing. May he Rest IN Peace.

Stan Baratz

Dear Megan and family,

Heartbreaking news regarding Dennis as he will be greatly missed by all of us. It’s comforting to know he is at peace and now in heaven. His strong Christian faith was a shining example to many including myself. I’m so grateful and proud to have worked and traveled with both of you during our time on the “”HFTC” and “Matter” board. It was never about the next big business deal that motivated Dennis. His life passion was always about the next big opportunity to help other’s in need. Dennis leaves behind an amazing legacy of achievements along with so many fond memories.

Wishing you and your family God’s grace, compassion and blessings during this difficult time. We are holding you close in our thoughts and prayers.

Steve & Gayle Brehm

My brother Jim Anderson has shared so many great stories of his friendship with Dennis. When Jim was visiting me from Boise Christmas of 2019 he had a nice lunch with Dennis. They reminisced about “old times”. That meant a lot to both of them.

My condolences to all of his family!

Susan Tickle (Anderson)

Devin Doyle
Celebration of Life Tribute Message

Kevin Doyle
Celebration of Life Tribute Message

Ryan Doyle
Celebration of Life Tribute Message

Father Dennis Dease
Celebration of Life Tribute Message

Quenton Marty,  MATTER President
Celebration of Life Tribute Message

Jean Kane
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Stuart Ackerberg
Celebration of Life Tribute Message

This video was sent to our dear friend Dennis in November, 2020. He made such an impact in our lives…too much to write here.

Enjoy our greeting from Panama!
Laurie (Canton) Collier & Kelly Collier

Megan and family,
I was saddened to hear of Dennis’s passing but I know that he is in a better place. I have so many wonderful memories of Dennis. I first met him in 1981 when a tornado went through Edina and tore the roof off an apartment building my grandfather owned. We called George Welsh to see if he could help us get it repaired quickly. Dennis promptly showed up in my office and we hired Welsh Construction to do the work. Shortly after that we wanted to build and office/warehouse building and Dennis spent half a day driving me around showing me different projects and types of buildings. We hired Welsh Construction to build our building later that year. Little did i know at that time that i would spend from 1983 to 1996 working with Dennis at Welsh Companies. Dennis was a great mentor to me and gave me an opportunity to succeed in the commercial real estate business. He had a “can do” attitude and gave us confidence to tackle any opportunity that was presented to us. Dennis made Welsh Companies a fun place to work where the entire company would celebrate together when we closed a big deal. Dennis always was very good to me, even when I told him that I was leaving Welsh to start my own company. He was always a deal maker and suggested that he could buy into my new company and we could be partners! We remained friends over the years and I always enjoyed bumping into him at industry events. We had our last lunch together a couple of years ago and reminisced about all the fun we had in the early Welsh days. In recent years I was able to sit with him at Bible Study Fellowship and catch up on what was going on in his life before the lecture. Dennis was a humble man who used the platform God gave him to accomplish so much to help those is need. I have so much respect for all he did for our community and people all over the world and how he put his faith into action. I am comforted to know that he is now enjoying everlasting peace with his Lord and Savior.
Fred Hedberg


I just wanted to take a moment to pass on my sympathies and condolences to your family. Dennis was so blessed to have such a supportive and loving family by his side.

I’ve shared this with you before, but in his memory, I want to share again that Dennis made an impact on my life. It is a special man, a gifted man, a Godly man, that can touch the lives around him, even while living with a disease as destructive as Alzheimer’s. I often wished to have known Dennis before he got sick, but in a small way, I feel like I did. Dennis was a man of God with a heart of kindness, gentleness,  and filled with a passion for his Savior. I know that you know that he has heard those words that every believer longs to hear; “well done my good and faithful servant.”

God bless your family and thank you for the honor of caring for Dennis.

With gratitude,

Zachary Parlier

Director of Team Member Development , English Rose Suites

Dennis is one of the humblest people I’ve known. He has no good reason to be humble when you count his business accolades; he’s a rock star. Instead, he treats everyone else like rock stars. He always has time for people and wanted to hear their ideas.  He never takes himself too seriously and he never considered himself more important than others. This is what I admire most about my dear friend and mentor. He will be greatly missed.

Quenton Marty

President, Matter

We met on the playgrounds, football fields (ouch), classrooms,dorm rooms, boardrooms and in rooms all over the world. I’ve never met a more simple man with such a diverse life. He simply genuinely cared about people, all people.

It is said that Courage is not absence of fear, it is in spite of fear. Dennis anchored his actions to the Lord and did not bow to adversity. Quite a man of action with principle I’m privileged to know and love as we pass through this life.

Bryant Loving

Many thoughts and prayers to the Doyle Family and the ever-reaching ‘Welsh Companies’ community. I had the privilege to work and learn from Dennis starting in 1989 in Minneapolis and continuing to partner with Dennis in Milwaukee. The attached picture is the groundbreaking of the MSL development in Arden Hills, MN. Only Dennis could cool the tempers and smooth the way to getting this project completed. He had an incredible ability to keep all things together when emotions were hot! “Cool Hand Dennis!” Many have succeeded in business and life because of Dennis. Love and Prayers . Mike Fardy

Mike Fardy


Beyond an upstanding citizen, successful business man, and founder of an amazing model for charitable giving, our family knew Dennis as a husband, father and good neighbor. We lived next door and most of the time there were open doors between our homes. The children would play together, eat together and have sleep overs at one house or the other. We shared experiences of Birthday parties, sleepovers, making pizzas together and many milestones of childhood where values and character building are formed. Throughout all this Dennis was always there. We knew Dennis before and after his faith journey and were able to witness the transforming power of God in the life of Dennis. His positivity, humor and easy going nature were always present. Dennis will forever be remembered as an endearing neighbor.

Mike and Vonnie Hoke/Lowman

The world lost a great man this weekend. Thank you for being a second dad, the only one I had the privilege of knowing, to Albert. The impact you made across the globe will be felt for years to come. I’ll fondly remember your easy going personality, laughs, and jokes.

Probably my favorite joke that you told often and always made me laugh was: How many Ugandans can you fit on a boda boda? One more. Rest in peace, Dennis.

Brandie & Albert Kethro

Dear Megan,

Our hearts were deeply saddened when Dennis went home to be with the Lord. I know it’s been a long difficult road to travel. You amazed us with the grace and strength you exhibited throughout this arduous journey. May God’s grace continue to be sufficient for you during this time of loss, and in the days ahead.

I am reminded of words of David in 2 Samuel 3:38 Upon the death of Abner, the Bible tells us King David said to his servants, “do you not know that a prince and a great man has fallen today?” Dennis was such a man and he will be greatly missed. Wendy and I send our deepest sympathies to you and the entire family.

You have always been like family to us and we can’t thank you enough for the joy and happiness you have brought to our lives through your amazing friendship, extreme generosity, and continual encouragement. We have so much love and gratitude in our hearts for you both!

Dennis was an amazing friend and brother in Christ, a friend who sticks closer than a brother! I still remember the day 30 years ago sitting next to Dennis at the Jeff Siemon celebrity golf classic, when PGA Tour Pro Larry Nelson shared the Gospel and Dennis took a step of faith and put his trust in Jesus Christ. Since then the Lord has done amazing things in and through his life, only eternity will be able to measure. Dennis made a difference in our lives and the lives of so many…he made a mark in this world that will be impossible to erase…How he lived his life will truly echo into eternity!

Wendy and I will always remember our regular family get togethers at your beautiful lake home up north. Watching our kids play and grow older together…we both realized when we gave our families “stuff” we only created maintenance, but when we gave them experiences, we created memories. We will always cherish those experiences together, and treasure the memories for our lifetime.

While we grieve, we grieve but not like those who have no hope. We celebrate the incredible life of dear Dennis…he was an uncommon, extraordinary man! I am confident he is hearing from our Lord those words we all long to hear someday, Well done good and faithful servant!

Your grateful friend and brother in Christ,

Dave Gibson



Dave Gibson

Pastor, Grace Church

Tribute to Dennis Doyle

This is my tribute to Dennis Doyle, and it could well be to Dennis and Megan, and it could well come from Rich and Wilma, but in this case it will be for Dennis.

We met Dennis and Megan in 1995 at a gathering of supporters for Harvest Evangelism. I first became impressed with Dennis on the golf course, where he was able to maintain three different deep conversations with all three of the rest of us in the foursome. The same evening, I began to sense a desire from the Lord to speak a prophetic word to Dennis. That was new to me at the time, and I was rather cautious in presenting it to Dennis. When I told him I had a word from God for him, he said, “Give it to me!’ Being still a little tentative, I said “let’s do it in the morning when you and I and our wives can get in a quiet place.”

Dennis told Megan “Rich has a word for me and I know what it is. He is going to tell me to sell my business and go into ministry.” Megan responded; “No, he is going to tell you to start seeing your business as ministry.” Well, she was right! My word was; “Dennis, the Lord says that you are not to sell your business to go into ministry, but rather, you are to start seeing your business as ministry.” By Dennis’s own testimony, that short word changed his life and direction, and as I watched it come to pass, it changed my life as well. As a pastor for many years, this was a new (different) concept to me and it has directed my life since that day.

I reminded Dennis that since his company had several hundred employees, when he started seeing this as ministry you could add the spouses and children and see that he had potential for spiritual impact in a way that could equal the largest churches in the Twin cities. Intercessory prayer at the Doyle’s home on Tuesday mornings would cover all of the employees by name, a few at a time with concentrated prayer. An intercessor at the front desk greeting each employee and visitor to the company with an unspoken but powerful prayer. This was the beginning.

His influence touched many other business leaders, some of whom will see or hear this tribute. Their lives were changed as well. Later, when his impact had touched me deeply enough that it had changed the entire focus of my ministry; Dennis and Megan invited me to speak to a group of leaders in their home on a Sunday evening. That was the first of my speaking engagements on Marketplace Ministry that has since taken me to over 55 countries, to author three books (Megan adding powerful chapters in the first one) and to a weekly TV program. Others who now carry the mantle of ministry in the marketplace were at the Doyle’s home that Sunday evening.

If I were to continue, this would become another book (and it might) but for now…….

Thank You Dennis Doyle! Your sometimes behind the scenes, sometimes quiet but always powerful impact has changed the world! We will never know until heaven (and I suppose you already do know) the scope of your impact! But now Wilma and I want to say: Your response to Lord, and your living it out has changed everything for us. Enjoy heaven brother! See you soon.

Rich & Wilma Marshall

It has been a rough weekend. I feel really sad to know that Dennis is no longer with us. I also know he is in a much better place with God. Since yesterday, I have many wonderful memories that keep running through my mind. Some made me smile and others made me tear up. I had my first smash burger with Dennis. It became my go-to place when I craved a burger and sweet potato fries every once in awhile. He took me to my first golf lesson. He even attempted to teach me how to do parallel parking…which was not an easy feat…and he finally delegated Nathan to assist (now I can safely parallel park). He was always very kind with a sense of humor and a strong sense of humility and authenticity. He had this quiet wisdom about him when you chatted about life or work. Among the many lessons I learned from Dennis, three of them stand out: God comes first, work smart and work hard, be kind and generous to other human beings regardless of race or background. We will miss you dearly. I pray that you rest in everlasting peace, and may God reward you abundantly for your profound impact on the lives of many people around the world…including mine.

Latifah Kiribedda


We met in the mid 90s when God was moving us all out of our comfort zone into a greater life of prayer and action for the Kingdom of God. Since then, through years of service and ministry together, we have been knit together in so many ways in life and prayer. Our friendship has grown and developed into a closeness that we now feel is family. We will miss Dennis so much. His passion for prayer, for seeking God and for knowing God’s Word more deeply. We will miss his laughter that filled the room and his quick wit. And no one had the business instincts of Dennis Doyle. The entire community will feel his absence.

But we know there is a celebration in heaven as Dennis has entered into His reward.

We love you dearly and we will continue to link arms with you in prayer until that day when we are reunited and all stand together rejoicing in our Lord Jesus forever.


Scott and Brenda Kilber

Megan, I’ll never forget the day you and Dennis visited me at Hazelden and we prayed by the pond. While I suffered not only with alcohol it wasn’t till I had a full nervous breakdown a few months after, did the doctors understand that I had  severe depression and anxiety disorder.  

If it wasn’t for Dennis I most likely wouldn’t have made it!! He provided me with benefits for two years to help me when he could have turned his back on me. He was always there for me and I looked up to him to say the least. 

On March 15, 2021 I will have 20 years of sobriety and without Dennis I wouldn’t have anything.


My sincerest condolences to the entire, wonderful family. Dennis was a brilliant entrepreneur, and devout man and mentor. He will be missed.

Dick Zehring

Please tell Dennis that he is and always has been one of my most favorite classmates. We had over 800 in our class, but I always admired and valued his friendship.  He always took the time to find me and have a meaningful conversation at every reunion. One of my most memorable conversations concerned mission trips. I appreciated the meaningful way you both have selflessly reached out to others to make this world a better place. Your love and energy has gone far.

I am proud to know you. As you journey on, I pray that God holds you close. You are and will continue to be in my prayers.


Polly Keith Scotland

I and other students from Uganda were lucky to spend a few days of the summer at Megan and Dennis’ cabins. Those were days filled with a lot of firsts, numerous doses of wisdom from Dennis.

I feel like calling him Great, Visionary would be an injustice to his gentleness and humbleness. The Good Lord lent us Dennis, and his impact has been, is and will always be left.

We can only be Happy for his achievements and how much he changed our lives. May he rest in peace.

Paul Mpanga

We are more than our memories.

Gene Simmons



We remember you coming to our little church back in the early 90’s. You and Dennis shared what God was doing through you and encouraged us to get stronger in our relationship with Christ Jesus because He had/has something special for each person.

THANK YOU for reaching the top of the world and remembering the rest of us, reaching out with a hand to lift us up.

Mike Brady

Ray Barton

Dear Megan and boys,

My heart is hurting for all of us right now. Dennis was a world changer. He used what God put in his hands to change the world for good. From the first day we met almost 30 years ago until now he never wavered in his faith in Christ, love for you all. He saw the potential in people and opportunities where others couldn’t. A most loyal friend and brother. I miss him already. We love you! Tom and Lisa Albain

Lisa Albain

Big Brother….Mentor….Friend.

Ted Jokerst

All of us have our own memories of Dennis, all different, all personal. Mine stem mostly from my days working with him, 1983-96.

Those were crazy days. We were running and gunning and didn’t really know where we were headed, but damn, we were going to get there no matter what. Welsh back then displayed virtues that propelled it forward despite some vices that slipped in on occasion. Leading the devoted pack was Dennis, head cheerleader, big dreamer, master spinner, goofy and exhilarating and frustrating all at the same time. Buildings got built, sales and leases got closed, new business came over the threshold in huge volume and at great speed, our portfolio was measured in the many MILLIONS of square feet. Young and smart and aggressive men and women wanted to work at Welsh and Dennis just kept saying YES, let’s go. Get it done. These people went on to lead the company to great stature and spread their expertise to the entire community. That legacy of giving back was what Dennis was all about after the real estate wars settled down. A responsibility to do good, the public good.

I had dinner with John Johansson and Dennis in downtown Minneapolis in 2016 (maybe 2017?) after the super successful sale of Bloomington S. C. He was calm that evening. We remembered the old days and had some good laughs. Lots of property talk but more talk about the wonderful and fascinating men and women we encountered along the way. I’m grateful John and Dennis and I had that dinner. I’ll remember Dennis from that night, and from the crazy days.

My prayers and well wishes go to Megan and the children and his extended family members.

E Paul Dunn

Wade Brehm

Steve Brehm


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