“Do good, by doing good” is Dennis Doyle’s mantra for making a difference in the world. 


‘You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor in your land.’  

– Deuteronomy 15:11


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“When You’re on the mission field, the most important Thing you can do is listen to the people who need your help.  From those conversations, you will then return home knowing exactly what to do.”  


A Heart for Helping those in need

In both his philanthropic and professional efforts Dennis had an attitude of servitude and generosity. He found ways to help, give and connect with others and build people up locally and around the world.

I have traveled to more than 30 countries out of over 200 that are in the world. I walk right into some of the worst slums in the world and assess what I can do about it. The most difficult part is that we can’t help everyone but we can help some and that is what we focus on.” 


After years of small donations to many nonprofit organizations, Dennis and his wife, Megan decided they wanted to bring some unique skills and assets to aiding others by making one huge impact, as opposed to the many small impacts made by their previous donations. The result of this inspiration was creating the non-profit Hope for the City. Hope for the City encouraged corporations to donate corporate surplus in any one of a multitude of industries. This idea stemmed from the excess which Dennis observed in his business, as well as the awareness of donating his own warehouse space to hold the excess goods. This led to the idea that corporations could have a positive effect on the lives of those in need through donating its corporate surplus.

Nearly 20 years later, Hope for the City has evolved and has been rebranded to MATTER. This name MATTER calls all to action and drives all to create a world where we all matter. As an organization MATTER focuses on leveraging two of Minnesota’s biggest resources: incredible healthcare and bountiful agriculture. Since 2000, tens of thousands of donors and volunteers have helped grow MATTER into an organization that to date has distributed over $655 million worth of goods and resources to developing countries. “Do good, by doing good”- Dennis

In both his philanthropic and professional efforts Dennis held a similar attitude towards aiding others.